Nature Communication

Helping people learn about and deepen their connection with nature for fun, peace of mind, and solutions to problems in life and business.


Nature Guys

In 2020, I joined the Nature Guys podcast team as a co-host and co-producer on a three-part series on Nature and Water. Since then, I have become the podcasts' resident bird nerd and "science guy".

Every episode, we touch on exciting topics in natural history, ecology, geology, and conservation, and encourage listeners to

"Step outside, and stay a while!"

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K9 Conservationists

The K9 Conservationists podcast is all about conservation detection dogs: dogs that help conserve wildlife by providing data for scientists who study them. 


Kayla Fratt of Journey Dog Training leads fantastic discussions and interviews on the science and practice of training canine friends to support research in fields like bat conservation and invasive species management. I joined the podcast as conservation correspondent in 2021. 

Podcast Guest Appearances

I have chatted with other podcast hosts on issues like birdwatching, conservation science, becoming a naturalist, and nature equity and accessibility. I'm always open to additional opportunities and collaborations--if you'd like to have me on your show, please get in touch via my contact form.